St. Mark’s Church Reopening for services


We are pleased to be able to announce that St Marks Worsley will be reopening for services from Sunday 02nd August 2020, resuming with Morning Service at 10:30 a.m.

At present this will be the only weekly service held. Following the recent announcements please note face coverings must now be worn in places of worship.


All precautions are being taken as set out in the Government and the Church of England guidelines.

It is important for you to know that for the moment at least, the church will feel rather different to how we remember pre-lockdown. Once we get used to this, and lockdown restrictions hopefully continue to ease, we can then look at the logistics of opening up for more services and more frequently.

What we have done in preparation for opening:

Church has been thoroughly cleaned prior to reopening in line with Government guidelines.

Pews have been marked to seat people observing the 1 metre plus distancing rules.

We are operating a one-way system entering by the main church doors and leaving by the South door.


Things that will be different for now:


  1. Services will be ‘said’ only i.e. no singing of hymns, psalms, etc. We are looking to have our organist available from 09th August for music (but still no singing)

  2. Services, being ‘said’ only, will be shorter than we are used to.

  3. If Holy Communion is offered it will only be in one kind, as sharing of the common cup is not currently permitted.

  4. We are not permitted to offer any refreshments, or use of books, at the moment.

  5. Toilets will not be available. Shared public toilet facilities are not currently permissible.

  6. Whilst observing the current 1 metre plus distancing rules we have a seating capacity of approximately 60 individuals, depending on the mix of how many people need to sit alone, or can sit with members of their household/bubble.

  7. All are welcome; individuals, couples, & families, including children. Children must remain in the pew with their parent/guardian at all times.

  8. Once we have reached our number limit we will not be able to admit anybody else into the church and we apologise in advance if you have to be turned away.

  9. We have made the church as safe as possible, but ultimately the decision of whether you wish to attend is for each individual to make.


At Church Services:


  • Please arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before the start of service.

  • There will be welcomers available to provide help and advice and to guide you on the day.

  • Sign in with a welcomer to enable us to track and trace, as per current guidelines. (This data will only be retained for 21 days.)

  • Sanitise your hands on arrival (and as you leave) Sanitiser is available in church.

  • Leave your offertory in the collection plate as you arrive. (Please ask for information about Standing Orders)

  • Collect a service sheet, which you may leave in your pew when you leave.

  • You may wear a face covering (but this is not mandatory)

  • You will be shown to the next available pew. Ensure that you do not enter areas that are cordoned off.

  • Sit and remain at an appropriate social distance from people not in your household or bubble.

  • We ask that you try to keep touching of surfaces to a minimum.

  • At the end of the service, you will be guided to the appropriate exit.

  • Sanitise your hands as you leave. Sanitiser is available at the exits. It is not possible to stay and chat indoors or outdoors.


Church Warden Team