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A Service in Church?


St Mark’s Church is available to all who wish to come for a departed relative’s funeral. It would be our privilege to host a fitting memorial to your loved one.


Although a church funeral involves prayers and a Bible reading there is always plenty of opportunity for personal tributes by either family and friends or through information given to the clergy taking the service. A choice of music is also freely available through CDs or played on the organ. Providing the music is not specifically anti-religious we are very happy with any song you may wish to play. 


St Mark’s can seat a sizable congregation and is, therefore, a good venue for both large and more intimate gatherings.


Burial in the Churchyard


There are no new graves available in the churchyard, but if you have a family grave, you can  consider using it for burial. 

Please contact, St Mark's Verger for enquiries about graves, ashes & wreathes - Telephone: 0161 790 5597

Book of Remembrance


The Book of Remembrance is situated towards the rear of St Mark's Church on the north side of the nave. It is intended primarily as a record of the names, age (or date of birth) and year of death of anyone departed - whether or not they are interred at St Mark. 

Entries are made on the page of the date of death, at the request of an individual donor. 

Interment of Ashes in St Mark's


Ashes may be interred in the Churchyard at St Mark’s either in the Garden of Remembrance (if existing plot) or The Woodland Rest (if existing or new plot) by arrangement with the Rector (email and phone number on the Contact Us page) or the Verger (by calling 0161 790 5597).


There is no requirement for a service at the point of interment but if you would wish for prayers to be said the clergy would again be privileged to assist in this.


The funeral director will deliver the ashes to the church (unless you do this yourself), where they will be kept in the Ellesmere Chapel until the arranged date.

For any further information about funeral services at St Mark's, please contact either Rev Adam Whittle on 07919 382278 or Mr Roy Farnell, Verger on 0161 790 5597.



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