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Tiny Church at St Mark's

Tiny Church is a new venture that began in February. It's a service of about 20 minutes at 9:30 on the first Sunday which is particularly aimed at very young people. There are action songs, a small talk and then a blessing at the end. All children are welcome and it a very relaxed atmosphere so if your young child wants to wander around during the service or make a noise that's absolutely fine and all part of the fun.

Tiny Church Plus is a similar format but is aimed at primary school people as well. It is to be launched on 15th April and will be every month on the third Sunday but will involve pupils from the school doing readings and a short talk about their activities.

Everyone is welcome irrespective of age, especially if you are willing to join in the actions!


Here is what the pupils of St Mark's School had to say about Tiny Church Plus...

Each third Sunday of the month (9:30am) children from St Mark’s school will co-lead a Tiny Church Plus service alongside Rector Mark in St Mark’s Church. Hymns and songs are specifically selected with the children in mind. The first Tiny Church Plus took place on Sunday 15th April with the theme for children’s work focusing on a special place of natural beauty they would take God to on earth. Alongside some wonderful artwork there were also some interesting ideas including The Northern Lights. The children also created their own prayers of intercession for friends, families, the school, the church, the sick, the poor, the armed forces, the environment and loved ones we have lost. We look forward to welcoming more children and families for the next service on Sunday 20th May at 9:30am in St Mark’s Church.

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